Project 11: Cooking with order

This project has been called cooking with order, for several reasons. The kitchen had a very irregular plant that was a great challenge when considering distribution. To order it, several zones were created: on the right a zone of cupboards (that conceals a construction pillar) and an office area, and on the left the cooking zone and integrated appliances with a combination of colors: gray for the lower area and white for the superior. Led lighting with touch control LED bars, embedded in the furniture. The laundry, also very irregular in its plant, was left at the bottom, changing the doors to let more light into the kitchen area. The countertop is made in a porcelain tile of the Inalco brand, with wall cladding in the same material. The paper in the office area is a vinyl that is very easy to clean and maintain.

Result: a more comfortable, orderly and accessible kitchen, thanks to its new plant where you can enjoy cooking with order.

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