Project 13: Cooking with taste

Nothing was left to chance in this kitchen. The owners of the apartment are very fond of decoration and it is the third house that they reform and decorate. In the kitchen, it could not be less. That’s why they opted for furniture from Dica. To the right, the wall furniture was placed in a cement finish. In it there is also a work area with doors, in which the kitchen robot, toaster, oven and microwave is stored. On the left, the elegance of the low furniture in wenge-finish laminate fits perfectly with the metallic floor carpentry, and the detail of the ceilings in black. In the background, resting area with upholstered sofa and table owned by the owners. The wooden ceiling stands out, with hidden lighting and installations, designed by the owner. And in it, the spectacular Elica signature hood, embedded in the ceiling, is unobtrusive to the eye, silent and powerful. In summary, the design was taken care of to the smallest detail to cook, of course, with very good taste.

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