The Downtown collection of tables is a symphony of simple lines and basic shapes that contrast in height and size to create, as if it were a collage, a game of volumes in space.

A set of auxiliary coffee tables whose details define its design, with a dynamic line that envelops its structure.

Solid thermo-lacquered metal feet. Material available in different colors as well as in different finishes; oak, walnut and porcelain.


205,70 1.793,22  VAT included

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ALDEA MUEBLES Y DECORACION SL has been the beneficiary of a subsidy, under the call for the 2020 financial year aimed at modernizing and improving the competitiveness of Commercial and Artisan SMEs in Andalusia, financed with the European Union Regional Development Fund Union, which has been allocated to the renewal and implementation of the new website www.aldeadecoracion.com.

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