Interior architecture, design and decoration in Malaga, Aldea Decoración

We are interior architects who specialise in a unique style in interior design, interior architecture and decoration in Malaga.

Interior architecture, design and decoration in Malaga, Aldea Decoración


We undertake decoration, remodelling, design and interior architecture projects for flats, apartments and houses in Malaga.


Looking for remodelling, renovation, decoration, design or interior architecture services for your office? Aldea Decoración is your solution.

Commercial premises

Interior architecture solutions in Malaga, interior design and decoration for shops, commercial units, businesses, restaurants, hotels…

The interior architecture and decoration studio, Aldea Decoración, brings you inspiration, and life to your dreams. Your space, your personal touch, and interior design as a powerful transformative tool for better living. From our interior architecture company in Malaga, we offer different services related with renovation, interior architecture projects, decoration and interior design of any space that you need remodelling or renovating.

At Aldea Decoración we are skilled and experienced in completing interior architecture projects of all types. Or work ethos is to satisfy all our client’s needs when they contract any of the interior architecture services we offer.

Interior architecture and decoration projects

Interior Decorator in Malaga

The advice of an interior decorator in Malaga and the surrounding area (Marbella, Estepona, Benalmadena) will help you transform and optimise your interiors without resorting to major building work: choosing furniture, style guidance, colour schemes, light and layout.

Why use an interior decorator?

A different point of view for your interiors… The experience of an interior decorator (sometimes called an interior designer or interior architect) offers fresh insight and gives a professional perspective on your interiors in Malaga.

An interior decorator helps you confirm your ideas and realise your dreams, acting as a facilitator enabling you to express your interior style. Have you always wanted an accent wall, but aren’t sure how to do it? Your interior decorator in Malaga, Aldea Decoración, will help you define the best location and the ideal colour for your accent wall.

We work with you to create the decoration that best suits, and can even help you discover styles you hadn’t imagined. If you like vintage objects and design, an interior decorator like Aldea Decoración can find the signature armchair of your dreams to decorate the room. Our experience means that we can find the best furniture layout with simple, space-saving optimisations: storage, cupboards, built-in cabinets… Your interiors will be better laid out and more organised.

We optimise light, reconsidering the position, types and source of light. A strategically placed lamp can completely transform the atmosphere of a living room.

Choice of decoration

Our experience in interior design and aesthetic sensitivity mean we know not only how best to choose and combine colours, patterns, materials and fabrics, but also harmonise furniture and accessories, presenting a unique atmosphere and mood.
An interior decorator knows how to combine colours and materials creatively to achieve a harmonious, personal design. At Aldea Decoración interior architecture studio, we know how to improve your living space and give it soul… As part of an eco-responsible, ethical project we can also guide you in the choice of eco-friendly materials.

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