In search of sun… and tranquillity

This globe-trotting British couple had lived in 14 countries before moving to Malaga. They arrived for a short stay, attracted not only by the climate but also by this provincial capital’s energy and vibrant activity. But Malaga, the city and its inhabitants, stole their hearts, and now they spend almost all of their time here, particularly in winter.

Their home is in an architectural jewel of the late 19th century, a delightful building with an enchanting Andalusian patio surrounded by beautiful balconies, with high ceilings, carefully curated architecture and stunning views of Malaga cathedral.

The owners wanted simplicity and comfort, but all of their choices had a clearly defined, contemporary style. All of the rooms in this lovely apartment exude elegance and tranquillity, and it is hardly surprising that the owners have no thoughts of moving on…

Aldea were tasked with decorating the living area, hall, bedrooms and part of the terrace.

On entering, the hall welcomes us with a gorgeous custom-made shoe cabinet, created by Punt Mobles for this project, and an antique Victorian chair that is a family heirloom

The kitchen and dining area are integrated into the diaphanous, open-concept living room.

The sitting area features a beautiful walnut TV cabinet by the Italian company, San Giacomo.

The neutral tones of the comfortable sofas contrast with the lively patterns of the cushions that brighten up this area.

On the left, under the window that overlooks the patio, there is another cabinet in walnut and hemp, made by the same Italian company.

The contemporary feel of the whole is completed with matte white kitchen units and fully fitted appliances that contrast with the wood of the dining table and chairs.

The home has three bedrooms, one of which is a guest room.

This family are great readers, so an attractive Cattelan Italia bookshelf graces the corridor.

The second family bedroom is nearby.

The main bedroom is decorated in natural tones.

Finally, the stairs lead up to the private terrace which gives views of Malaga’s splendid cathedral…

This is an enchanted spot, hidden away in the centre of the city, adorned with aromatic potted Mediterranean plants, with a gentle trickle of water from the fountain that instils peace, inviting us to stay a while longer…

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