In love with Malaga

Our story begins in 2020. At the height of the pandemic, a man from Romania who loves Malaga bought a beautiful flat in Malaga city centre. The apartment had a very good location and good light, but needed some remodelling: the living room and bedroom furniture were outdated and bad quality, and the kitchen was uncomfortable with a water heater in full view. The general condition of the property was very bad, with the living room floor showing particular wear and tear. Let’s see how it was all transformed.

Our client intended to use the flat for holiday lets.

He didn’t know anyone local who could carry out the renovation.

He found two profiles on internet that he really liked: Aldea Muebles, a renowned decoration shop in Malaga, and Ana Julia Corrales, a prestigious interior architect.
He contacted both of them to set up interviews and find out about their work.
So far, so normal…
The interesting part of this story came when he could not decide between the two. Undecided and concerned, he presented them with an ingenious solution:

Ask the two to work together on bringing his project to life.
-”I want my apartment to be like going into a 4 star hotel with vibrant colours because, in my country, everything is grey.”

So the two worked together on remodelling the apartment. The results of their collaboration are clear to see.

The bedroom was completely transformed. The walls were given a smooth finish and covered in highly decorative vinyl wallpaper. Furniture, soft furnishings and lighting were completely replaced. The layout of the living room was changed to showcase the spectacular views of Malaga cathedral.

After levelling, Porcelanosa vinyl flooring was laid and the walls were covered in extra washable vinyl wallpaper.
All of the furniture and fabrics were chosen at Aldea Muebles y Decoración.

In the kitchen, Aldea Muebles completely renewed the units and their distribution. It is now a much more uncluttered, comfortable workspace. We kept the old water heater, but concealed it behind the pillar on the right. Attractive Porcelanosa artisan tiles were used to create a backsplash and cover part of the wall. We created a breakfast bar where friends can share good conversation and informal meals.

Our client was very satisfied with the work of both professionals.
His flat was finished on time, within budget, and with results that exceeded his expectations. The real estate agency that sold him the flat has confirmed that its value has increased over and above the amount invested in the renovation.

A really worthwhile, radical transformation. In fact, he is so pleased with the result that the property is now his second residence, and he often visits Malaga to enjoy it.


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