Sep 17 ,2019

Trends in fabrics and decorative paper for 2019


“Living Coral” new color of the year according to the Pantone Institute

Warm, lively and vital colour, which is committed to life. Intense and soft at the same time.

In this wonderful space by Erico Navazo for Casa Decor 2019 it appears in the sofa, the decorative paper and the lamp.

In the image, a wonderful curtain with a coral print in these tones and a coral velvet sofa.

And here, we find it in a blind from the firm Luxaflex, an original composition of two-tone stripes.


Deep Blues are also popular, such as 19-4726 Atlantic Deep from the Pantone chart.


Animal and plant motifs.

Follow the bet for the natural. Not only with tropical motifs but also other types: trees, flowers, birds, reptiles, insects, etc.

Very colorful motifs in shades of green, yellow, red etc. Very large designs are usually used looking for maximalism. And to give a touch of joy and color.


Large Format.

Maximalism will normally go hand in hand with plant motifs, which is why we are going to see walls covered in flowers and giant leaves.

Here we see two splendid proposals for decorative paper with plant motifs in a large format.


Geometries ФО―Δ◊.

We already saw them last year and they continue… Geometric shapes such as triangles, hexagons and squares are still in force.

Another very recurring GEOMETRIC print will be the chevron (successive repetition of the “V” shape), mostly combined in two color tones.



Follow the gold trend in a more aged/ochre range. And they are usually combined with gray or black as in these proposals.

We also find it in smooth papers with rich textures and combined with other tones giving a metallic touch.


DO NOT forget your house in summer!

The new outdoor prints are resistant to humidity and the intensity of our Mediterranean sun. And now they are fun, happy and much more original than before.

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