Nov 28 ,2022

Decorative fabrics and paper trends

Sometimes we forget how important their room is for teenagers; It's where they spend most of their time. Where they keep their first secrets, where they hang their first posters or prints and where they begin to give shape to those ideas they have in their heads in the form of decoration...

It seems that we have finally turned the page on difficult times and a new stage of optimism opens in which color returns to our lives.
It is the trend that we have appreciated and that we like the most.

Of course, not everything goes with respect to color.

We have learned to love nature more, open spaces and the authenticity of things, so the colors we like are the natural ones: Tones that remind us of pure air and outer space.

We leave you some photos of the trends that inspire us the most:

As we have said, natural colors triumph and among them: terracotta greens, browns, oranges and ochres… as in these papers from the firm Casamance

Even in the rugs we can see these themes of nature applied in a very original way…

We also love pinks and pastel tones such as aquamarine greens, as in these photos of the new Camengo collection.

Nature is also present in the plant motifs that are part of the prints that are in trend this season on vinyl and mural wallpaper:

And let’s lose sight of the oriental motifs, which make us travel from home, like these Japanese-inspired vinyl wallpapers…


In the windows, let yourself be seduced by the transparencies and the color that filter the light.
And as a material : linen remains the undisputed champion.

And how can we forget about the wonderful outdoor fabrics? They are resistant to humidity, they do not lose color despite the hours of sun and we love their prints…

I hope you are encouraged to renovate a corner of your house and give it a new life this year!
Shall we help you?

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