Nov 28 ,2022

Village and Ecology

For years, at Aldea we have been especially concerned with everything related to environmental care. And we are going to explain a little what we do in this sense to contribute our grain of sand to the world we inhabit.


For years, at Aldea we have been especially concerned with everything related to environmental care. And we are going to explain a little what we do in this sense to contribute our grain of sand to the world we inhabit.

You will have already seen that our delivery men take the packaging from your house when they unpack the furniture. This goes to its specific container: cardboard, or packaging as appropriate. Useless household appliances and other old items are removed and deposited in a Clean Point

Many years ago, we made the firm decision not to purchase products whose wood came from tropical forests. Now they may not be in fashion but at that time, the so-called “colonial” furniture was all the rage, and at Aldea we decided not to be part of the uncontrolled felling of those precious tropical forests….

Since then, we have tried to acquire “Made in Europe” products, not only because of their design or better quality, but because they are more respectful of the environment, given that in the European Community the regulations are much more demanding and respectful than in other countries. , (let’s say, for example, China, a large current producer of furniture).

That is why we work with suppliers that purchase FSC-certified wood, that is, the wood from which the furniture we purchase is made comes from controlled felling forests that are continuously repopulated to guarantee their sustainability. This seal guarantees the durability of these forests and that the wood does not come from anywhere and without any control, but rather from controlled felling forests.

In addition, we are increasingly committed to design and to those suppliers concerned about eco-design (who manufacture, for example, with 100% recycled and recyclable plastics, such as the new Ronda chair by Andreu Worl) or who have seals such as Greenguard Gold UL, one of the standards for low chemical emissions, which endorses its efforts to eliminate or minimize the emission of volatile organic compounds. Or the demanding BSN ISO 14001.

Our textile offer has also been changing. And every time you can buy organic products, made for example. 100% with natural linen or cotton, without dyes or that have not used pesticides in their cultivation. There are firms that already work with “eco friendly” fabrics. For example, we work with linen whose composition is natural, whose material is biodegradable, recyclable and has antibacterial, antistatic and antiallergic properties. In its manufacturing process, the consumption of water and energy is minimized and toxic products are not used.
Also products such as energy efficient curtains such as the Luxaflex Duette, equipped with a honeycomb design, being one of the options for our windows that achieve greater energy efficiency.

We also have products such as the GreenScreen sea-Tex sun protection fabric, also from the Luxaflex brand, manufactured e.g. with recycled plastics from the ocean, 100% free of PVC and halogens. They are plastics collected from the sea and from the coasts of the whole world, which are given a new life in the form of curtains.

Our rugs are largely made with natural materials and, if this is not the case, with recycled PET.
For years we have been selling paints that are ecological. They are paints based on vegetable oils whose dyes are natural, organic and safe for health. Once you try them, you don’t want others: they do not contain substances that are harmful to health, such as metals. Being almost 100% free of VOCs (emissions into the atmosphere), they are odor-free, they do not smell like “freshly painted” and you can even sleep in a bedroom the same day that it is painted. Besides, they breathe much better (ideal for your health since they prevent fungus) and cover much more than other brands with the same number of liters. We encourage you to use them because the change is very beneficial, especially for those with allergies or other types of respiratory disease.

In our day to day, we recycle the paper we use (which we try to use less and less but it is still essential for many of our procedures). Our rates are mostly “on line” and are not printed.

Our bags are made of recyclable paper and cardboard.

We never use plastic bags.

Finally, since we opened Aldea 26 years ago, we have always been great defenders of natural plants. We like to have them and feel surrounded by them in our day to day. And that is why you will see them everywhere in our showroom.

They bring us their beauty, their flowers and their changes throughout the seasons.

It has been shown that they reduce stress in the work environment, and improve mood. They also provide valuable oxygen to our work environment and rid us of some harmful substances (pathogenic microorganisms) released by the computers or printers that we all use in our work.

That is why you will see them in our showroom, and although they are not always perfect… (because they are alive!!…) we try to take care of them and pamper them as best as possible.

Like you, like our planet…
Let’s do it together. For a better future for all.

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