Fancy a coffee? See you in Cerrado de Calderon’s La Canasta

Recently we have been undertaking more business and commercial work.

One day, we received a very exciting commission: undertake a renovation project for the new La Canasta café that was to be opened in Cerrado de Calderón.

For this project, we wanted to make substantial changes in comparison with the existing cafés of this chain, which has been a household name in Andalusia for over 40 years.

First, inside the café, we included a small garden feature with live plants. The plant box is not only an attractive decorative element, but also helps clean the air inside the café, bringing a fresh touch of green. More and more studies inform us about the benefits of having live plants in work and leisure areas, and we wanted to include this element in La Canasta.

Among other features are the floor, which differs from the other cafés in the large format tiles with patterns in neutral tones. Additionally, other elements such as the bar were custom-designed in oakwood. The bathrooms showcase a large mural of plants.

On the other hand, the café needed a new area, for children. An area where kids could feel comfortable and play while their parents had a quiet coffee. This area was designed in collaboration with the client’s agency “Andar Creative”.

At Aldea, we prepared the plans, layout, the door and the division with the custom-designed “house”. Andar’s team designed a fun mural to take nature (represented by a forest) into the children’s area, creating an enchanted wood with dinosaurs, castles and other characteristic elements of childhood. Games were designed for the floor, and to play them we created giant dice in durable fabric. To one side, a little house was created with vinyl prints inside representing the different areas and, of course, a small kitchen where the kids can play at making their first La Canasta cakes and bread.

A welcoming, well planned Canasta that is comfortable and where everyone, whatever their age, feels at home. Do you feel like a coffee?

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