Sep 17 ,2021

6 ideas to renovate your dining room

For a few years now, the dining area has changed a lot. From the formal, rigid, underused space (reserved "for visitors") that it was before, it has been transformed into a much more informal, flexible, relaxed space with varied uses.

We give you 6 tips to improve it!

1) Use it!

Today the dining room is more integrated into the living room or kitchen. It has become a more relaxed space. It is a space to use all year round: eat with family or friends in a relaxed way, use it as an impromptu office, do crafts with your children…
Therefore, use it, do not be afraid of scratching the table or damaging the upholstery.

2) reflect your style.

The dining room is now a space where you can reflect your personality and your style. It takes mixing, using designer pieces, mixed with antiques or an ultramodern table with those chairs from your family that you still love (yes, perhaps renovated in color or reupholstered).

3) Renew the table.

Each size fits in a space, but from experience we believe that the 160×90 is the most versatile. As woods, walnut and oak are preferred in their most natural versions (knots are welcome, they are no longer imperfections…).

The tops in porcelain stoneware, marble, etc… take center stage.

And the glass tables with spectacular feet.

4) Change or reupholster the chairs.

Before they used to be straight, tall and very rigid. Now they are low, comfortable and practical. Dare with colour.

You can even mix several with a different color (but better all the chairs of the same similar model) or of different sizes (but better then the same color or style).

If you choose to combine them with a bench, the dining room will look more informal and homey.

5) Forget about chandeliers with little screens.

It takes a warm, pleasant lighting that does not dazzle.

Or multiple effect.

Or create effect lighting if you put a good design lamp. In the latter case, we recommend that the rest of the elements (table and chairs) be more neutral so as not to take away from that spectacular lamp.

6) And lastly, don’t forget the accessories.

They are like the icing on the cake. Without them, something will be missing. The works of art in your dining room will give uniqueness to the space and will say a lot about your tastes and your style. A beautiful wallpaper on the dining room wall will give it prominence.

And the rugs are a must. They mark the space and give a lot of warmth and comfort, especially on wooden and marble floors.

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