Jul 23 ,2021

Learn to decorate a youth bedroom no matter how old you are

Sometimes we forget how important their room is for teenagers; It's where they spend most of their time. Where they keep their first secrets, where they hang their first posters or prints and where they begin to give shape to those ideas they have in their heads in the form of decoration...

They go through different stages, from the set of sheets for their favorite team, that of a television series or a movie… You have to be prepared for whatever comes without losing style or good taste.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult, but take a deep breath, when you maintain a neutral, current and modern style, your sons and daughters’ bedroom will never go out of style.

We give you some advice so that you can get down to work without fear and with great enthusiasm from now on.

Let’s decorate!

Neutrality above all

As we said, if you opt for a neutral style in the furniture, you can play with combinations of colors and patterns and change them every time you get bored. It is one of the styles that we apply the most in Aldea.

In this case, you can change the textiles from time to time (bedspreads, curtains, etc…) and adapt them to the age of the occupant in each of its stages (from child to adolescent).

The light gray tone, or a light brown such as beige or canapa for example, is the perfect canvas to start building from scratch, it always combines with everything and is not as cold or boring as white.

Don’t be uniform. You can give it hits of color.
For example Gray goes great with yellow. This year a combination of both has been named color of the year by the Pantone institute.

According to said institute: “the union of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating conveys strength and positivity. It is a color story that sums up deep feelings of pondering with the promise of something sunny and friendly”.

But don’t be afraid of color!

If you have opted for Nordic-style furniture and light gray paint or another neutral color, do not be afraid of color! Give play to your imagination and dare with the cheerful colors, the new geometric and natural prints, the murals…

From a carpet, cushion, lamp, candles… Whatever you can think of. Don’t be afraid to invent and let the room reflect your own style.

Sometimes you will have to use your patience and your negotiation skills, but do not forget the advantages: it will strengthen their self-esteem and they will always feel more comfortable in their bedroom and they will take care of it more than when they find something “imposed”.

NO to white walls

Although later they do what they want and customize everything, that’s what it’s all about, you can hang posters, prints and whatever you can think of that fits into the style you’ve decided on. They can be from motivating and inspiring phrases to a world map behind the desk, in a subtly illustrative way, you know.

If you place a blackboard or some area to paint, they will love it. There are chalk effect paints for walls and other surfaces, and even furniture that you can paint on and then easily erase. Apart from stimulating their creativity, you may gain peace of mind knowing that they will not “decorate with their paints” the rest of the walls or furniture…

Garlands and stickers

It is a way to give a warm atmosphere in any part of your house, but in the youth bedroom especially, you can play with colorful garlands and different styles to create a unique environment.

And stickers (stickers to put on the wall or furniture) are always fun and they will love to put them themselves…

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