Sep 17 ,2021

How to choose the sofa of your life

Corner, chester, with or without chaise-longue, sofa bed... Choosing a sofa goes beyond aesthetics. It is a key piece in your living room and must meet your needs.

There is no point in having a beautiful sofa that you don’t feel like lying on when you get home, or a very comfortable one that doesn’t combine with the rest of the furniture and that you dress in a strange cover and ethnic cushions.

A sofa, if it is of good quality and you treat it with love, can be part of your home for as long as you want. That is why today at Aldea, we want to teach you how to choose the sofa of your life without thinking too much about it.

Take note!

be materialistic

If you want to invest in a sofa for life, the material it is made of matters a lot, because its quality obviously depends on it.

In this case, we recommend a sofa with a metal structure or, if you prefer it made of wood, choose one made of pine wood that, in addition to being light, is resistant. And if the wooden structure is solid, much better.

It’s the inside that counts

Or at least inside your sofa. The foam or padding of your sofa is another important factor when deciding. Think that all foams that have a density greater than or equal to thirty kilos will hold up super well over time. On the contrary, those that do not have that density will sink and deform more easily over time.

Above all, and when trying it out, make sure that when you put your hand on it and the foam sinks, it returns to its place instantly. That quality we call “recovery” is very important in daily use because your sofa will last longer without the cumbersome task of shaking out the filling.


Anti-stain fabrics yes or no?


If you want an all-terrain sofa, prepared for pets, the little ones in the house or any unforeseen event without worrying… The anti-stain fabric is for you.

Although stain removers can be helpful, they never leave your sofa looking like new. The anti-stain technology guarantees that your sofa remains spotless for much longer, since basically all household stains (food, liquids, grease, mud, etc.) are removed with a little water without leaving a mark.

A few years ago, stain-resistant fabrics were almost all smooth and made of acrylic. Currently there is much more variety on the market, even in cotton fabrics

In addition to stain-resistant fabrics, which are very useful and necessary, there are also plenty of alternatives, some of which are washable, when choosing upholstery that may suit you: leather, eco-leather, cotton, chenille, linen, canvas or velvet.

It is one of the most classic upholstery, unconditional but also one of the most expensive. It has survived the test of time and will never go out of style for its exceptional features such as resistance, ease of cleaning or its incredible beauty. Also, it ages very well. The highest quality is called “Flower Skin” which is the superior.

Every day those armchairs and sofas on which time has left its mark are more in demand, which makes them more beautiful and valuable…

  • If you can’t indulge, there are eco-leather finishes that mimic their appearance and depending on their quality, they can also be very resistant.
  • Cotton: Being a natural fiber, it is one of the star upholstery, since it provides freshness when it is hot and it is always pleasant to the touch, but in addition to this, cotton is very, very resistant to tearing. Hence it is one of the favourites.
  • Chenille: It is made up of polyester, cotton and other acrylics, it is soft and pleasant and it is very easy to clean. In addition, at the price-quality level it is one of the most chosen fabrics. And there are many anti-stain versions.
  • Velvet: Velvet absorbs a lot of light from the room in which it is. Those who opt for this fabric are risky people, since it is a warm, bright and very special fabric, which will give your living room an elegant touch, since there are many colors to choose from. His touch is also very special.
  • Canvas: If you expect a long life and use from your sofa, canvas is perfect. It is usually an upholstery of dense thread, linen or cotton, very common in sofa beds due to its high resistance.

A good sofa from head to toe

Or in this case from the legs to the arms. Sofa arms with a width equal to or greater than 20 centimeters are known as ‘nap type‘ arms, which is very comfortable but gives a more traditional touch to the living room.

Lately, narrow arms have become more popular, they are lighter and take up less space, giving more space to the sitting (or lying) area.

In addition, new uses have appeared at the ends of the sofas, such as integrated coffee tables, attached poufs, etc…

We offer you some ideas.

In recent years, sofas with frills or floor-length sofas have disappeared and for cleanliness and visual lightness, sofas separated from the floor with legs are popular. Mostly made of metal and with space for those cleaning robots that help us so much to run under them.

When we talk about feet or legs of the sofa, we always recommend that they be made of treated beech wood or galvanized metal. We place special emphasis on the fact that the wood is treated or the galvanized metal to prevent them from being damaged by any external factor: soil moisture or cleaning products, for example.

The size (of the room) matters

When choosing which sofa you want: corner sofa, L-shaped, with chaise longue, not only the one you like best and the best materials have counts, but also the space you have, the height of the ceiling, the distance between the furniture, the brightness etc.

Also the use that you are going to give it. For example In small apartments, a good sofa bed is often appreciated in case of visits from friends.

We advise you to measure the gap of the sofa very well and what the new member of your house will occupy before it accompanies you for a long time and we hope that after all these tips, choosing a sofa will be a piece of cake.

If you still have doubts, call us and we will advise you.

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