Jan 18 ,2022

Ideas to decorate your walls with wallpaper

If you want to innovate in your spaces, but you don't feel like painting and everything that this entails, the fabrics and the wallpaper for the wall, you will not even paint!

From more minimalist colors to super daring prints, let your imagination fly and dare with everything during this 2022.

Hawaii, Bombay are two paradises…

…That you can put inside the house! Tropical prints, both plain and more colorful, can give an unmistakable touch to any space in your home. You don’t need to wallpaper an entire wall, the ideal is to create cozy corners to which you can give that push of color that changes everything. Oriental prints are back with more force. Look at these proposals that take you to distant worlds…

Less is more

If minimalism runs through your veins, we recommend papers in soft tones with super subtle patterns, such as polka dots or textures, in rooms where you want to achieve a calmer environment, study or an area of the room dedicated to reading.

Being square is fine

Wallpapers with geometric designs are here to stay.

From those with a vintage cut, like this one in blue, with a modern touch, to those with a Nordic style with more marked lines.

In rooms with furniture in cream and light tones, this wallpaper comes to it, (never better said) than even painted. You can even put it in the bathroom or kitchen if you have a gold or bronze faucet. Combining geometry with the classic can give another life to any place in your home!

Stay in stripes

One of the winners in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms is striped wallpaper. In different thicknesses and sizes, colours… From yellow summer stripes to more sober ones in beige tones. It is a timeless paper that will give a lot of style to any area of your house.

From flower to flower

From prints with floral motifs to leaves, plants, wood textures and other plant motifs. These botanical motifs will fill any corner of your home with life and although at first it may seem that you will get tired of them, if you combine them with furniture and decoration in warm tones that you can change according to the season of the year, you can create a very, very space. special. Green tones also recreate nature

Even in a fireplace! Look at this proposal:

Do you want to finally give life to your headboard area without it conditioning you too much? Liven it up with a vegetal-textured paper like this one. Super resistant and also, washable!

With these tricks we may not be able to make your walls speak, but we are definitely closer to achieving it. Do not wait any longer and go to the wallpaper NOW!

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